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The Cover Letter: The First Piece of Your Employment Portfolio

Not too long ago, I wrote an article about writing a better resume. A resume is one of three documents that make up what I call your Employment Portfolio. The portfolio is you–on paper. You send it to potential new employers when you’re looking for a new position. It includes your cover letter, resume, and references page. […]
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Polish Your Resume and Stand Out from the Competition

Resumes have come a long way. Although many aspects haven’t changed, several key things have. Before we dive into the tips, though, let’s consider a resume’s purpose. What’s It For? I know what you’re thinking–I already know what a resume is for. While that’s likely true, you may not have thought about its purpose in […]
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4 Tips to a Better Resume

So you’re applying for jobs, and you pull out the resume you threw together a few years ago. You take a few minutes to add your current job and update your address, and you send it off. It looks good, right? Look again. Components of a strong resume have changed significantly in the last several […]
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