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Less is More: Write Better Sentences

If you’re an analytical nerd like me, you know every sentence can be dissected and labeled by its structure and included word types. For example, that first sentence’s structure was D,I: dependent clause, (comma) independent clause. The most basic sentence type is a simple sentence, or a single independent clause (I). For example: I am […]
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Five Tips for Effective, Efficient Writing

In high school, I (like many people) took a creative writing class. The goal was simple – write as much as possible. Don’t worry about proofreading or proper punctuation. Use AS MUCH detail and flowery description as you can. Then I got into business and learned everything about that is WRONG for business writing. The […]
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Proper Writing Essential for Professional Image

Like it or not, we are judged (and we judge) on a daily basis. We send nonverbal signals constantly whether we’re aware of them or not. Our posture, attentiveness, clothing, eye contact, and even our writing all send messages to our audience. A well-written message is easy to understand, clearly communicates our intent, and motivates […]
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