Twitter Analytics: the Basics

Like all social platforms, if you have a business page on Twitter, you get access to analytics to (theoretically) help you understand how your page is doing. It’s a snapshot of the number of tweets posted, impressions, mentions, followers, and more. If you’re looking to grow your Twitter presence, even a basic understanding of the analytics can help you grow your following and engage more users.

To get there, you’ll want to be on a desktop not on mobile. Log into Twitter on your computer. In the upper right corner of the screen, you’ll see your profile picture. Click your picture, and select Analytics from the menu. Now let’s look at what this shows us.

What You See First

Generally speaking, Twitter breaks your analytics down by the month. At the top of the screen, you’ll see a breakdown of the last 28 days vs. the previous 28 days, including:

  • Tweets: the number of tweets you posted
  • Tweet impressions: how many people/accounts saw those tweets
  • Profile visits: how many people/accounts visited your profile to learn more about you
  • Mentions: how many times you were tagged in someone else’s tweets
  • Followers: number of people/accounts who follow you

Next Up: Current Month

The next section will show you how you’re doing so far in the current calendar month–whether it’s the 2nd of the month or the 28th of the month. You’ll see your Top Tweet, the one that received the most impressions and engagement. You’ll also see your Top media Tweet. This is the same idea as your Top Tweet, except it focuses on tweets that you posted as media–picture or video. Lastly, you’ll see your Top Follower. This will highlight the follower of yours that has the biggest reach themselves. You may also see a Top Mention in this section. If another Twitter user tagged you in a post, you’ll see the one that got the most impressions and engagement. Unfortunately, I don’t get a lot of these, so I don’t see this too often.

Next Up: Previous Months

From here, Twitter just keeps working backwards one month at a time. You’ll see the same stats as above for each previous month. As you scroll down, more months continue to load. Along with each month’s top tweets, you’ll see a monthly summary. The summary will show you your total number of tweets that month, tweet impressions, profile visits, mentions, and new followers.

What to do with the Info

As you’re looking at all this info, your biggest question might be: “Well, now that I know this, what’s next?” For each tweet highlighted, you can click a button next to it to see more tweet activity. It breaks down all the stats for you for that specific tweet.

I especially like to look at the tweets that really stand out–the ones that got three times as many impressions as the others. What’s different about them? What hashtags were used that maybe weren’t used with other posts? What topics are they covering? What day of the week and time were they posted? Often, you can find great info in just a little digging into those top tweets and use that to your advantage.

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