Cozi: The BEST Family Organization App

I am a tech geek. I love devices and apps! My friends and family members often ask for my advice when they’re looking to get a new phone or when they need an app to solve problem X. I just love tinkering with new apps to see if they’re something I can incorporate into my daily use. When I’m up for a phone upgrade, I get a new phone almost immediately–just because.

Admittedly, I’m not an Apple fan. Don’t even ask me why because I don’t really have a reason. Mostly, I think it’s just because the price tag is so much higher, and I’ve never felt you got that much more for the extra dollars. When it comes to phones, I’m a Samsung user through and through. I currently have a Note 5 (I know…I’m a bit behind on that one), and I upgraded to that from an S5. I digress. Let’s get back to the topic at hand.

Several years ago, an ad appeared in my Facebook news feed for an app called Cozi; I had never heard of it before. I was intrigued, so I decided to investigate. It was a free download, so I figured, why not? I downloaded it, played with it a bit, and have loved it ever since!

Cozi is a calendar, to-do lists, shopping lists, a journal, and MORE–all in one app. Those features, though, aren’t even the best part! The best part is you can create an account and invite your family members using a shared password (and their own email address to log in). That way, when each of us logs in, we see the SAME stuff. We can assign lists and calendar events to people individually, and we can even create profiles for the kids and the pets!

Your daughter has a soccer game Saturday at noon? Put it on the calendar and assign it to her, to her and one parent, or to her and the whole family (or any combination of family members). When one member adds an event to the calendar, it automatically syncs for everyone else.

We also use Cozi for keeping track of several shopping lists–for groceries, Target, wish lists, and more. Almost out of milk? Add it to the list, and when your partner stops at the store on their way home from work, they’ll see it! Literally everything that happens in the app (no matter who is logged into your family account) is synced instantly.

When my husband or I run to the store, the last thing we say on the way out the door is, “If you think of anything else, put it on the list.” It is that instant and that convenient.

We also have all of our important dates like birthdays, anniversaries, and more, on the calendar. I set them all with a one-week reminder. That reminder gives me enough time to pick up a card or gift and get it in the mail if need be. Our recycling can has to be put out every other Thursday night for Friday morning pickup. I have a calendar reminder for that at 10 p.m. on Thursday. We both get push notifications reminding us.

I could go on and on about all the useful reminders and real-time updates, but you just need to try it to see for yourself. If your kids are old enough and have smart phones of their own, be sure to give them the family password and have them install the app as well. They can open it to see what’s happening with everyone on the calendar, to check their to-do lists, and to add things to shopping lists as well (assuming you want them doing that in the first place).

We just LOVE Cozi. I can’t imagine not having it now. I can’t imagine going to the grocery store with a piece of paper for a list. I can’t imagine relying on that wall calendar to keep track of events. (What happens when you need to look at it and you’re not home?) I can’t imagine toting a planner around with me. And even if I did, how would my husband know what’s on it?

Cozi is available in both the Android and Apple stores. Check it out today!

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