Using Hashtags Effectively

If you spend much time on social media, you know hashtags are used a lot. You also know they can be a crucial part of your social marketing. They make your own content more easily discoverable, and they allow you to tap into trending topics. They are a great way to get your content seen by far more people than just your followers. To maximize their effectiveness, consider these tips:

#1: Keep it Simple

We’ve all seen the never-ending string of characters that has been turned into a hashtag. We spend several seconds (or minutes!) trying to make sense of those ten words tied together. I guarantee you’ll never remember the whole thing, and if you try to type it yourself, you’re bound to have a typo or two. Keep your hashtags to one or two words that are easy to remember.

#2: Know How to Use Hashtags on the Various Social Platforms:

Hashtags don’t work the same way from one platform to the next. (That’s one of the many reasons I don’t recommend blanketing your posts across several platforms. Read more about that here.) Check out these differences:

  • Twitter: For the highest engagement (and due to character restrictions), limit hashtags to two per post. You’ll be most successful if the hashtags are themed around whom you’re trying to reach.
  • Instagram: The actual limit on Instagram is 30 hashtags, but I usually recommend staying in the 5-10 range. Unlike Twitter, hashtags used on Instagram should be themed around your actual content and not necessarily about the folks you’re trying to reach.
  • Facebook: Use one or two (never more than two) hashtags per post. Many folks recommend using one global or trending hashtag and one more personalized hashtag. And, it’s perfectly ok to post without hashtags on Facebook.
  • Pinterest: Again, use no more than two per post on Pinterest. And since you’re already breaking up your pins into categories based on their boards, stick to more unique, personal hashtags on Pinterest.

#3: Take Advantage of Trending Topics

No, this doesn’t mean you should include a trending hashtag in every post. It does mean, though, that you should incorporate them whenever they’re relevant to your business and your topic. Visit a site like to find out which topics are trending right now. You can also see trending topics directly on the Twitter site.

#4: Create Your Own Unique Hashtags

To get more people talking to you and about you, create a unique hashtag and encourage people to use it. Be sure it’s unique enough to tie to you but simple enough to be remembered. Once you’ve come up with a good one, encourage its use on all platforms!

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