Different Social Platforms Require Different Messages

Does your small business have several social accounts? Are you utilizing a service to cross post the same message to every platform at the same time? I hope the answer is no. Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE Buffer! I use it all the time, but how I use it is what’s important. I use it to schedule posts ahead of time, but I NEVER post the same message to all those platforms, and I don’t post them all at the same time. Why not? My audience on each of those platforms is different, is looking for a different message, and is active at different times.

Most of my Facebook followers are local. They engage with things that are relevant to them locally – events, attractions, and stories about the community and other businesses. Most of my Twitter followers are global. They engage with specific topics that utilize hashtags – leadership, entrepreneurship, and blogging. My Instagram followers are also global, but they of course want interesting images that also utilize hashtags. I could go on and on.

While that doesn’t mean you can’t post the same general story to different platforms, it does mean you have to consider each audience in a different way to really reach them and get them interested in your story. On Facebook, you can tell a longer story; use only one or two hashtags (or none at all). On Twitter, keep the story short; do NOT exceed the character limit with a “click for more” ending. Use at least two relevant hashtags. On Instagram, use a great image with LOTS of hashtags – the more the merrier!

Not sure where to start or which platforms are best for your small business? Contact me for a FREE assessment and recommendations.

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