Instagram to Facebook


Does your business post photos on Facebook? Are you on Instagram? Did you know Facebook now owns Instagram? Why does that matter? It matters because Facebook uses an algorithm (much like Google does to rank search results) to rank posts in Facebook users’ news feeds. Again you’re thinking, why does that matter? Since Facebook owns Instagram, they want you to use it! That means when you post your photo on Instagram and then cross-post it over to Facebook, it will get ranked higher in the algorithm, resulting in more views!

Plus, Instagram is just fantastic for reaching a whole different audience! For example, the clear majority of my Facebook fans live within 20 miles of my location. My Instagram followers, however, are located all over the world! Because of the power of hashtags on Instagram, people discover me and my content on a much more global level. Not only, then, do my cross-posted pictures get more visibility on Facebook, but now I’m reaching a larger, more diverse audience on Instagram as well. It’s a win-win!

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