Content is King


In this age of digital content, how we say what we want to say is increasingly important. Our potential customers are reading about us on our websites and social platforms AND in our print materials! It’s important, then, that our content is doing its job. What does that mean? Good content tells a story, and a good story grabs the interest of the reader. In the case of marketing, getting our potential customers’ interest is what ultimately leads to sales and increased awareness for our company and product.

As business owners, we know our story inside and out. Being able to tell that story effectively, though, is a totally different monster! Unfortunately, when the story isn’t told effectively, it won’t get the interest of customers, and they’ll quickly move on to a competitor.

Consider this: You land on a business’s website and glance at the front page. Maybe it’s not interesting. Maybe it has a few glaring errors. Maybe you’re not even sure what they’re all about because it’s confusing. Do you stick around? I would be willing to bet you don’t. If we’re not interested in what we see within a few seconds, we tend to jump ship.

Take a few minutes, put yourself in a potential customer’s shoes, and visit your website and social platforms. Read through your print materials. Do you feel a sense of continuity? Are all of the items telling a consistent, engaging story? If not, it might be time to give your content a refresh.

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