The Social Dilemma


The vast majority of business owners and professionals agree – a strong presence on social media is vital to a business’s success. With literally hundreds of platforms worldwide, though, how do you know which ones are right for you or your business? Most folks make one of three common mistakes:

  1. They join a bunch of them, posting a couple things right away and then never returning.
  2. They join just one, missing out on countless people who are active on others but not the chosen one.
  3. They join a bunch, then utilize a service to blanket all of them with the identical message all at one time.

Let’s take a look at the problems with each:

  1. Social media is all about the interactions. When a consumer lands on a page that hasn’t been updated in ages, the message they receive is one of neglect. They don’t engage in the conversation because the content isn’t relevant.
  2. Each platform has its unique set of pros and cons. Looking to reach millennials? Snapchat is a must. Boomers your primary audience? Facebook. Women? Pinterest. The list goes on. If your business is looking to reach a varied group, you’ll never get them all on just one platform.
  3. As noted above in #2, each platform has a tendency to be more heavily favored by a certain demographic. When a service is used to simply drop the same message to all platforms at the same time, the business drops the ball on making a meaningful connection. What works for a 20-something female won’t work for a 60-something male…and imagine every variance in between.

Ok, so back to the question at hand: how do we know which one(s) is right for us? The answer is simple and complex – it depends. Knowing your target market for each product/service/message will help you better understand which platform to utilize.

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