Tech Can Help Us and Hurt Us


I recently gave a presentation at a local nonprofit event. It was titled, “Finding Focus and Nixing Distractions.” I talked about getting organized, prioritizing for better time management, and using tech to our advantage. That last one always seems to really get people’s attention. I’m a self-proclaimed tech geek. I love everything about it, including the frustrations and constant changes and updates. Most people, however, are not in that same boat.

I’ve found most people like to keep a device as long as possible. After all, they finally got it just the way they want it, and they finally really figured out how to use it. I, on the other hand, am the opposite. I always want the latest and greatest, and I actually LOVE those first few days when you’re learning a whole new device. Ok…I digress.

Going back to my presentation, I talked about the great benefits tech provides us. It allows us to easily and instantaneously connect with people regardless of our locations, it lets us update our many social profiles in real time, it guides us from point A to point B, and much more! On the flip side, though, it bogs us down. For business folks, keeping up to date on all those social platforms is a full-time job! Reading and responding to emails in a timely fashion can take up half our morning.

We love it, and we hate it, so how do we make the most of it? I like to keep my distracting things (checking my email, updating social profiles, etc.) on a schedule. Rather than allowing my phone and computer to push email notifications to me, I check my email only at scheduled times. Rather than posting to a social account, only to be sucked into it for an hour of browsing, I utilize Buffer (a service that allows me to write my posts ahead of time and have them posted at scheduled times). I set aside specific time each day to simply browse my social accounts, which frankly is a LOT! (Keep in mind social is a HUGE part of what I do.)

I also use a number of apps to help keep me organized. My personal favorite is Cozi. It’s a calendar, to-do list, shopping list, and journal all in one. Plus, it’s shareable for the family so when I add milk to the grocery list, it updates automatically for my husband to see. Everything from the calendar to the lists is color-coded for each person (including the kids!).

Bottom line: I LOVE tech – always have and always will. I absolutely understand just how much it can be a distraction and a frustration, but that’s actually why I love it so much.

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