Proper Writing Essential for Professional Image


Like it or not, we are judged (and we judge) on a daily basis. We send nonverbal signals constantly whether we’re aware of them or not. Our posture, attentiveness, clothing, eye contact, and even our writing all send messages to our audience.

A well-written message is easy to understand, clearly communicates our intent, and motivates our audience to action. On the flip side, a poorly written message is confusing, muddles our intent, and loses the interest of our audience. Writing a good message requires proofreading, proofreading some more, and then proofreading again.

If the message is filled with grammatical and spelling errors, our professionalism and credibility drop drastically. Our audience assumes we either don’t have the necessary skills to write properly, or that we’re simply too lazy to bother to proofread it. Either way, we’ve been judged in a poor light.

To write an effective message, it’s important to proofread for content, for purpose, and for mechanics like grammar and spelling. Proofread, proofread some more, and then proofread again.

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